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Smart School Management

Edzone provides a cloud based smart school manangement system where students, teachers and parents can come together.It helps institutions to manage their activities online

e-Classroom Management

Edzone provides Cloud-Native                 E-Classroom management capable of scaling and tutoring millions of students within hours.

e-Learning Content Management

Edzone’s E-learning content management system integrates tutoring,publishing and analysis of content in a multi-user environment.It is to administer, assign, track and access all learning content, and collaborate in one centralized location.

SAAS Paltform Remote Tutoring

Our Tutoring software gives educatioal institutions and educators the tools they need to schedule learning sessions, communicate with students, Host highly interactive

live Virtual classes and report the student skills and assess them with feedback comes with an highly responsive web and mobile user interface.

We Build Enterprise Level Video -Learning Library

We provide enterprise level video learning library integrated with our E-Learning content management to ensure your institutional training content,you offer, searchable and accessible all in one place.

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